About this blog

When I was 16, I created a ‘zine (short for “fanzine”, essentially a self-published magazine) called “100% Anti-Dogmatist”. The joke of course is that being 100% anything is pretty dogmatic. But anyway, I’ve pretty much kept up this attitude and approach ever since: I want to see the world through a non-dogmatic lens, and preferably with a sense of humor. Because tragedy–minus–humor=equals=cruelty.

This blog is a place for compiling writing that dissects the world at large, without falling back on dogma to explain or critique it. I don’t ever claim neutrality or that I don’t have an agenda, but I hope that when agendas come up they are explicit and not hidden from the reader. There is much to analyze, understand, critique, and act upon in the world—from food to parenting to politics to culture.

These are the topics this blog will cover. At first, it is likely to skew towards political topics and issues of food systems, as these are my main work and focus. But, through my own evolution, and the inclusion of guest bloggers on the site, I hope the site will encompass a wider array of concerns—all from an “anti (or at least non-) dogmatist” perspective.

Last, the “blog within the blog” is my main project for now: the “Antidogmatist Guide to Food Systems and How to Change them”. This section will be a book, written one blog post at a time. Most updates will be in this section, so check back regularly for new posts!

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Oh, and for those interested in who is behind this site: this is my personal website.